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If you are a business owner, especially that of a small business or a start-up, you know every inch of a floor space counts. You cannot stress how important it is to maximally utilize the space and ensure that in the pursuit to do so, you are not creating any clutter. It can be a cause of worry if your workplace or the place of business is not organized or clutter-free. Especially when your business is overstocked, or you need extra space for promotional content, equipment or archived documents Having a proper storage solution will also help you free up valuable workspace. Here are a few hacks that would not only ensure the optimal utilization of your space but will make your space more organized.
  1. Shelf Dividers – If you have a smaller office space, these dividers will help you divide or separate different rooms/cabins without actually having to build a between thus saving a lot of space and money. This is recommended especially for office spaces that are rented.
  2. Wall Mounted Seating – One of the most underutilized spaces are walls. Install wall-mounted seating to save up on floor space. Ensure that the height of the bench is set not too high or not too low to avoid discomfort while sitting.
  3. Convertible Furniture – Use furniture that serves multiple purposes or the ones that can convert from one piece to another. For example – a drop leaf table can be an office table or a console.
  4. Storage Space – Identify your storage space based on the items that you’d be primarily storing. If the items could be stored well within the work station, you can opt for creative and elegant built-ins. You can make use of less utilized spaces like that under that of a staircase to build a closed storage space to store stuff.
  5. Raised platform – If your ceilings are high enough, you can add a raised platform to the room or a part of the room in order to store things within it.
  6. Utilize your nooks – Use all your under-utilized nooks and corners just by adding a tad bit of furniture. You can build a small bit of desk area in and around a small nook instead of just decorating it for an aesthetic view.
Space is a valuable commodity when it comes to business and therefore its smart utilization is highly recommended. Most of the adults spend a large part of their day in their workspaces, often more than what they spend at their homes. It is therefore important to have an organized and clutter-free workspace to enable higher efficiency and better functioning.
If you are looking to reduce clutter from your home or office space and need more storage space, connect with us at My Storage.

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